Archeological finds

Digging through the sands of time we unearthed these cherished treasures.

The following dogs are our TOP 10 picks from our pedigree!  

All of these dogs have been a great contribution to the breed!

We are honored that these dogs are the ancestors of our current show and breeding stock.

1. Coastwind Sea Holly of Troy

2.  Coastwind Yev Rah Amid

3. Aries Obsession of Sankhya

4. Gazon's Cheatin' Heart

5. Gazon Say What You Mean 

6. Paris Nights Du Mont Isis

7. Quom Whistlebait Wanda

8. Andros D'Art of Performance

9.  Jubilans Osier

10. Jubilan Willow Acacia of Troy



Xzotika, Always your Coastwind Connection