Breeding Philosophy

I enjoy reading pedigreeís and finding out about lines from the past.  It should be a requirement of any breeder to know the dogs they are breeding to extensively.  For me itís paramount.  I have my favorite dog in my mind.  The dogs body shape, head, neck etc., etc.  The only way for me to create my best in show winning hound is by researching the past.  Iím convinced this is the way to a successful future here at Xzotika.  Most of the work has been done.  Now I just need to be a keeper of the breed with my own artistic flair so to speak.


The primitive type found in the Old Coastwind line is my ideal afghan.  Iím in love with their refinement, dignified head carriage and the various coat patterns these dogs sported back in the day.  Naturally, the bitch that Iím using for breeding is a line bred champion with many of Coastwind's most famous dogs within her pedigree multiple times.  She provides a solid foundation to produce show quality dogs that meet the AKC standard for conformation.


Having access to this genetic gene pool of generation after generation of champions is a feat all in itself within the dog world.  But the primary reason she is so important to me is in the past many successful breeding combinations were done with the Coastwind dogs that served as many ďfoundation dogsĒ for some of the most successful Afghan hound kennels today.  By researching these combinations Iím able to obtain clues to putting my own puzzle together.  And here it begins, my personal interpretation of an Afghan Hound. 


If you still find yourself reading you probably thought that I am working my way towards some miraculous equation on how to breed show quality afghans.   Well, Iím sorry to disappoint you but that equation wonít be revealed here.  I will say that I promise to conduct due diligence prior to breeding any litter for the purpose of showing within the AKC conformation ring.  I will also take into consideration genetics, temperament and health matters.  Because of this promise I am able to proudly stand behind my dogs knowing that they will provide you with years of companionship.



Xzotika, Always your Coastwind Connection