Responsible Puppy Ownership

    There is nothing better than getting a new puppy.  Puppies bring so much love and innocence into our lives with all of their antics and unconditional love.  They are virtually irresistible.  Especially Afghan puppies, trust me I know, LOL. 

    Puppies/Dogs are a lifetime commitment that you have to be ready to take on through thick and thin.  Afghan Hounds are highly social animals that thrive best when included within the pack environment (your family) on a daily basis.  They are very intelligent creatures with an independent thought process.  Due to this fact, Afghans must be engaged daily with one on one activity and other forms of socialization to maintain a well-behaved Affie.  Iím sure you have heard the saying that an idle mind is the Devils playground before.  You definitely donít want a bored Afghan on your hands.  So time is of the essence when considering adding an Afghan to your household.

    I think that it is very important for anyone considering this breed to actually sit down and buy a book and read it cover to cover.  I have listed a few good books on my site that I think will help you tremendously.  Every book listed I have read myself and strongly feel that they assisted in providing me with a better understanding of the breed and what it was going to take to breed and show successfully.  If you have any questions about the book titles donít hesitate to send me e-mail.  I will be more than happy to help you select the correct title based on your personal situation. 

  Afghan puppies grow into nice sized dogs with tons of coat that has to be managed weekly.  Make sure that you ask yourself all the right questions before considering adopting the most regal breed known to man.

    There are so many things that need to be considered when buying your puppy/dog.  The main thing is that you can provide a good home with tons of TLC.  My dogs are lovers of life and the people they are with.  Provide them with some good loviní times on the couch, a good meal on a daily basis and their own little corner to call their own and you will experience loyalty, companionship and stunning beauty throughout their entire lifetime.